Connecting the Gaps

The Hampton Roads region relies on a network of roadways, tunnels, and bridges that connect residents to jobs, vital services, and recreational activities. However, heavy congestion within this network slows economic activity and travel in the region, especially between the Peninsula and the Southside.

Recent highway system improvements begin to address gaps in the region’s connectivity, most notably projects along the I-64 corridor. The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) is examining remaining gaps as part of the Regional Connectors Study, ultimately producing a long-term vision for improved connectivity, mobility, and accessibility in the Hampton Roads region.

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Paving the Way for Innovation

The HRTPO is studying how 21st Century improvements to infrastructure which include local roadways, highways, tunnels, and bridges could influence connectivity as the region evolves. These improvements will be resilient, responsive, and adaptable to major challenges the Hampton Roads region is facing, including a rising sea-level, economic disparity, and rapid technological advances like the emergence of autonomous and connected vehicles. 

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Phase 2 Results

Phase 2 scenario planning results are in!

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The HRTPO wants your input on the Regional Connectors Study! Tell us where and how you travel in the Hampton Roads region and the challengethat you encounter.