Scenario Planning Webinar #4 – 4/11/19

The land use team updated the working group on the progress of the place type development and allocation for the place types in both parallel tracks (2015/2045 and the greater growth scenarios). They also introduced the visualizations of what the greater growth place types might look like and what the narratives for each would say. The scenario testing timeline for the study was illustrated (i.e., What are the scenarios? What are the inputs into each model? What are the outputs?) Finally, the team introduced the concept of suitability and capacity: suitability is where growth is attracted and capacity is how much growth a specific area can accommodate.

The economic team introduced three conceptual scenarios and the industrial elements of each scenario. Those scenarios are Greater Growth on the Water, Greater Growth in Urban Centers, and Greater Suburban/Greenfield Growth. They also reviewed how these economic factors (e.g., the scenario and the industry clusters within the scenario) link to place types preferences; for example, in Greater Growth in Urban Centers, the software and IT industry would be attracted to mixed-use commercial and residential or urban town center place types but not heavy industrial.

RCS Scenarios Webinar Notes 4/11/19

RCS Scenario Planning Updates #4 Webinar 4/11/2019