Scenario Planning Webinar #2 – 3/15/19

During the second update, the land use team went into more detail about how the development and allocation of the existing and (baseline) future place types is used in the land use model and subsequently how the three-scenario place type development and allocation process leads to the Travel Demand Model. The quantitative aspects of the place types were illustrated with metrics such as dwelling units per acre, floor-to-area ratio, and jobs per acre.

On the economic side, the team reviewed industry forecasts as modeled by the HRTPO. The data predict the gain or loss in regional employment per industry over the next 30 years. The purpose of benchmarking—describing a conservative baseline by which other alternatives are compared—was outlined and various forecasts in population and employment for Hampton Roads were reviewed against Virginia and the nation. A major goal of the discussion was to determine how aggressive the non-baseline scenarios for 2045 should be.

RCS Scenarios Webinar Notes 3/15/19

RCS Scenarios Planning Update #2 – 3/15/19