Scenario Planning Webinar #5 – 5/2/19


The focal points of this webinar were goals, objectives, and performance measures. The team reviewed the four draft goals—Economic Vitality, Sustainability (Equity, Community, and Environmental), Connective and Accessibility, and Safety, Resiliency & Innovation and potential objectives for each. Further, each objective had at least two scenario measures and/or candidate project measures. Each of these performance measures are designed to specifically measure a result that reflects the goal and objective it is supporting. Additionally, a measure is only valuable if the results can be compared to the same results from the baseline or other scenarios.

The economic team recapped the draft scenario narratives introduced at the last webinar and then introduced the scenario goals for the Port of Virginia. The team reviewed some of the metrics the Port uses, the facilities that are part of the Port and freight infrastructure in Hampton Roads, and what the Port’s role would be in each of the three draft scenarios would be.

RCS Scenario Webinar Notes 5/2/19

RCS Scenario Planning Updates #5 Webinar 5/12/2019